University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Recruitment of Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars, USA

Scholarship: Fully-funded
Degree: B.S./M.S./Ph.D
Nationality: International Students
Location: USA
Application deadlines: Open

Scholarship Description:

Postdoctoral researcher and PhD student positions are currently open in our research group. These positions are supported by grants from the NIH as well as various non-federal research grants. In addition, our translational research projects receive support from industry-sponsored research funds provided by leading pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Our research is dedicated to unraveling the contribution of recurrent genomic alterations, both in protein-coding and non-coding regions, to tumorigenesis. Our primary focus is on identifying therapeutic targets and developing combination strategies for the treatment of cancer. To achieve these goals, we have developed a novel computational approach that integrates large-scale genomic, functionomic, and pharmacologic profiles. This innovative methodology has led to the creation of the Functional Cancer Genome data portal (FCG,, which serves as a comprehensive resource for functionally annotating cancer genomes. The newly funded projects will build upon the novel discoveries generated by the FCG project and will involve in-depth molecular characterization of new epigenetic and immuno-oncology drivers in cancer.

 Available Subjects:

We are currently recruiting for three related but independent projects: 

  • 1) Epigenetic dysregulation and non-coding RNAs in tumorigenesis,
  • 2) Tumor immunology and immune therapy, and 
  • 3) Targeted and epigenetic therapy for cancer treatment. To conduct these projects, we employ cutting-edge technologies such as single-cell and spatial RNA sequencing analysis, as well as CRISPR screen and high-throughput chemical screen technologies. Additionally, our lab’s computational biology team provides a wealth of novel computational biology approaches and resources to support these research projects.

Eligibility criteria:

  • We are actively seeking candidates with a strong background and experience in cellular and molecular biology, epigenetics, RNA biology, and cancer immunology. Specifically, we are interested in individuals who have expertise in experimental technologies relevant to the molecular mechanisms of targeted therapy and immunotherapy in cancer.
  • Previous experience in cancer genomics, knock-out and transgenic animals, as well as early-stage drug development, would be highly advantageous. While these areas of expertise are preferred, we also encourage candidates from other fields to apply, including developmental biology, population genetics, and computational biology. 
  • We value diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary collaboration, and we believe that individuals from various scientific backgrounds can contribute significantly to our research endeavors. Joining our research group offers an exceptional opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking cancer research.
  • You will have the chance to collaborate with a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of scientists who are passionate about making meaningful advancements in the field. We look forward to welcoming individuals who are enthusiastic about making a difference in cancer research and working in a collaborative environment.

Application Procedure:

  • Please forward your application materials, including the cover letter, c.v., publication list, and referee email addresses, to: [email protected]